Paragon® Premium Australian Sea Salt


Paragon® Premium Australian Sea Salt is a sparkling white, all-natural sea salt, harvested off the coast of Australia. A distinctive feature of the Southern Ocean is the Antarctic Bottom Water — a very cold, highly saline water mass that produces this incredibly clean-tasting, pure sea salt. Paragon is ideal for use as an ingredient in spice rubs, at the table or in a grinder. Available in fine, small and coarse grain sizes.

  • Grain Sizes Available: Fine (0.0-1.0mm
  • Uses: Roasting, baking, grilling, spice blends, spice rubs, meats, seafood, sauces/soups, seafood boils, salt cures, brines, salt grinders
  • Characteristics: Optically Clean®, All natural, Kosher, bright white color
  • Ingredients: Sea salt
  • Product of: Australia
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Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 1 in